Decorator Dennis

When Dennis first came to work at Nigel Cann Painting and Decorating, I meant it as a bit of a joke and a laugh. We started by giving him a Twitter account and a Facebook account so I could share his humour with clients and potential new clients. Dennis’ popularity soared and soon he became an overnight success, with clients loving his adorable face and quirky and slightly flirty antics.

Dennis was a constant companion and even attended networking events and business evenings. He met and delighted many of South Yorkshire’s business people. Clients, were amused by this little sock monkey, and often followed his journey on social media.

Despite his lack of common sense and the ability to follow instruction, Dennis always tried his best and was very pleased with himself when he saw the results. I, of course, did not always let him know that it had been me.

Dennis’s fame was spreading, the ROI on the marketing budget was 1400%, and so decided to enter the Doncaster Chamber of commerce business awards in 2013 and amazingly, Dennis and I were shortlisted! Set against larger companies, with bigger marketing budgets. We were so proud of our achievements. Sadly, it was not to be, though we were highly commended.

Since coming 2nd, Dennis has decided to take a couple of years out to try finding himself and get his life back in order.

I am so glad to tell you….

He is back! Moreover, he is dying to show you all the techniques, he has perfected whilst in retreat. Dennis still has a large following on Twitter and Facebook, so I urge you to follow him there and see his good natured, yet disastrous decorating. Fortunately, I am supervising him, at all times. We are also planning a series of How to (and How not to) articles, which you can learn from and see there is more to decorating than sloshing a pot of paint at a wall

Thanks for reading ....Dennis


Having a cuppa !!